Three Worlds Magick: A Cosmology

the map is not the destination. 

The point isn’t to replace Kabbalah or any other system you use; it’s just another way of conceptualizing yourself as well as the relationship between yourself and your exterior world.

Three Centers of Energy.

Mind, Heart, Sex.

Three Minds.

The Experiencer, the Filter, the Watcher.

Three Souls.

The Ancient, the Talker, the Child.

Three Worlds of Creation.

The Celestial, the Visceral (including the Shadow Visceral), the Primordial.

There are other constructs within this system that follow the Rule of 3s. The Rule of 3s makes the system easy to memorize, and these are the basics.

While parts of the system will be familiar (the Three Souls construct should be familiar to those of you who have worked with Huna or with Feri Tradition), much is just stuff I’ve come up with by feeling my way around this universe with Three Worlds Magick, and doing journeys within it.

Some meshes with systems you’re already familiar with. I find that some Golden Dawn based work slots nicely into the “Celestial” side of things, while shamanic techniques work well with exploring the “Primordial” side of things. “Low magick” techniques tend to (within this system) work within the “Visceral” plane – the world you and I live in.

Some will be unfamiliar as well. This is a homebrew/Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis based system. It has its own energetic current. It is not a wild current: it is heavily grounded in the experience of the human body and in day-to-day experience. You should feel more centered and balanced working with it.

More to come.

Lab Report: Early Morning Meditation with a side of Astral Projection/Lucid Dream

As I normally get up later on the weekends anyway, I woke up for my early morning meditation at about 5:45, drank a bulletproof coffee, had a snack (couple pieces of cheese), and vaporized a small amount of cannabis (an indica blend, if that’s relevant).

I did my early morning meditation at about 6:20 this morning. I went into some of my processes for the larger work I’m doing – for the life partner work, I do something that the author Kathryn Alice calls a “soul call” (I’ll discuss this in another post because Alice’s work has been an influence on my own, and something I want to do in the future is to train with her as a coach) – and found that during some of the visualizations, things kept coming up for me. Unpleasant things. If I had been fully awake and unmedicated while attempting this, then I might have been able to more forcefully direct the flow of my imagination. But as it was, I could not imagine the person there without also imagining that this person was unpleasant, odd, flippant, controlling, manipulative, had a personality I didn’t enjoy, et cetera. I just did not like the fellow who was springing to my mind’s eye. What was notable was that this person I was visualizing, was someone I might have been attracted to in the past.

I was not imagining someone with whom I wanted to share a relationship.

I realized that this was basically baggage from previous relationship experiences. I decided to calm myself down and try again. This time, I was in a much better space. As per my work with other systems such as Huna, I asked my subconscious to show me someone I might actually enjoy, who might actually enjoy me. This worked out much better, though it’s a sort of person I have not been with in the past. I realized that my tastes have changed and that I am looking for a more mature, grounded individual now. I got a lot of information from my subconscious that ended up going into my journal.

What I took away from this experience was that I realized that what I’m attracted to now, has nothing to do with what I’ve been with in the past. I’ve dated many people with the personality of the unpleasant person, but for whatever reason, found many of those traits attractive (until they weren’t anymore).

It’s common that I fall asleep at the end of this work. That’s fine, given I wake up after about 5 hours of sleep to do this work, and get the rest of my sleep after. This time, I drifted in and out of sleep, and at some point, recognized that I was in the state between waking and sleeping, and starting to astral project. I actually saw my astral arms in front of me as looking kind of smoky/cloudy, like they were made of a white smokelike substance, while my flesh arms lay on the bed.

I went ahead and decided to roll out, and go exploring. It was probably one of my easier times doing this (I’m getting better at it). Astral projection can be a bit like learning to operate a flight simulator, and I felt a good handle on movement and navigation. I remembered to stay calm as excitement, strong emotion, etc, tends to jolt me back into my body.

I didn’t go very far, but this time, I saw other projectors, as well as people who were aware of me, unless I was actually dreaming that. There were some lucid dreaming-like aspects to this experience.

But I’m getting a good set of references for the “feel” of uncontrolled (typical) dreams, vs astral and lucid experiences.

An experiment for me will be to see, at some point, if I can contact other projectors, and also to see if I can combine projection with “soul call” type of work (soul calls aren’t just for love partners, it’s for pretty much any type of arrangement you want to make that might involve another person – clients, etc).

I’ve experienced before that I’ve “programmed” some of my astral and lucid experiences via the self-hypnosis work I do (this is why it’s necessary to repeat my self-hypnosis sessions – you’re embedding things into your subconscious). But that would be more like using an exterior script to hack into something. Why do that when I can work with the machine code itself?

Which is the point of a lot of my work, and why I intend to keep working with astral projection.

On Huna, and an approach to low-energy work

This is a cut-and-paste from my blog over at Occult Corpus. My work with some Huna methods has been important to the development of my work with Three Worlds Magick, and is a reason for some parts of the system bearing a very superficial resemblance to Feri Tradition.

During the years that I was “inactive” magickally, I started to play around with more internalized (and sometimes, more passive) modalities. For many years after I had ceased (consciously) performing magickal operations, I was physically ill and burned out and doubting myself. I did dabble in other spiritual modalities – I bought T. Thorne Coyle’s book, Evolutionary Witchcraft. My research into Feri Tradition, however, didn’t get very far. I liked specific aspects of the practices (the Three Soul stuff; it resonated strongly with me – many years ago, shortly before my crash and burn, I had labeled my hidden higher self the “Third Part”).

I found that basically the parts of Feri that I liked, were the parts that had been imported from Huna. I already had a book which talked somewhat about Huna practices (“Finding Each Other” by Don and Mary Kelly), and liked the Huna paradigm, and found it to be fairly gentle compared to other things I had practiced. In fact, it was just the gentle type of paradigm I needed for the years that I was healing (apparently it scales up into full blown magickal operations, of the natural magick variety, but I haven’t used them; I actually did not perform any kind of magickal rituals for years.)

Best of all, it did not require belief, just the patience to learn to interpret the symbols of my unconscious. The specific practices I stuck with, didn’t require that I raise energy (I was energetically very damaged and it took years to really recover). Belief was something I was lacking and this worked great for me. In many respects it was deeply mystical while not having to be mystical at all. A complete dyed in the wool atheist/skeptic who utterly disbelieves in the supernatural let alone the Magickal Will can still get something out of some of the practices (many of which are similar to some therapy modalities).

My very favorite practice was the Garden Meditation. Sometimes I ventured from there (it can be used as a jumping off point for astral travel but it itself is more of a liminal space). But often, I just stayed within the Garden.

Sometimes, the things I got from the practices surprised me. You can invite anyone into your Garden with you: just imagine a place for them to sit, and invite them in, and listen to what they have to say. I invited the most recent man I had dated. What I heard, surprised me. I had seen myself as the wronged party. Why didn’t he fall in love with me. How dare he even bother with me if he wasn’t going to keep me in his life for more than three dates.

What I heard surprised me. That MY expectations actually had been narcissistic – that he’d liked me but I hadn’t even given him a chance to like me before driving him off. And the vibes had been weird and toxic before he’d even gotten a chance.

It wasn’t the first or last time I”ve gotten something surprising from the Garden. But it stands out. This is the last thing I would’ve considered myself to have been doing; my programming was that I was always the wronged party. I’m also in a culture that tends to frame women as “victims” when a man backs out of a short lived sexual connection of any kind, for any reason, without offering A Relationship.  I could not have imagined myself in any way as the source of any of the feelings of “ickiness” between us, but I was. I had basically created a script and just dropped the next unsuspecting person into the script, having little to nothing to do with their feelings or wishes, and didn’t even know this person. The meditation very clearly showed me that he had actually been the one closer to reality about the whole affair. I moved on, feeling at peace with what had happened, and seeing my part in it.

This, in fact, is about 75% of the magickal work I do anymore. I dominantly direct much of my attention inside, making little nudges to my character where necessary.

I don’t really remember the last time that I did externally focused work, or in any way tried to nudge the world around me into a response – that belonged to my 20s, and isn’t something I’ve done in a long time… though I’m definitely going to take another whack at it, at some point. I know that I have to.

(Update: I’ve been doing exterior work again for quite some time. It’s gone quite well.)

Early morning meditation, part II: the dream I had last night

I’ve talked quite a bit on Studio Arcanis about a larger work involving some goals I have.

For reference, I’m a 42 year old divorcee who has been through two career changes and a period of illness, and in recent years, moved back in with my parents in order to recover my health and make some decent headway toward a college degree. I’ve since recovered enough of my health to go back to work full time, and I completed an Associate’s Degree and most of my transfer requirements. Now, I have some other goals I’m going to work on, including moving out on my own again.

These goals are, in no particular order:

    • Relocate to Los Angeles (this is a plan more than a goal, as I’ve already lined up roommate arrangements and some work contacts.)
    • Get an income (possible ways: short term would be getting a job, long term – my business takes off)
    • Begin selling my art
    • Finish my degree and Master’s (reason: transition into a more age-resistant career for reasons of future security; my field is notoriously ageist, and while I could still get work in it, that may not last – meaning that if there were another way besides a professional program and traditional employment that I could assure my future security, I would be open minded to that)
    • Find a life partner – condition, they either want to live in LA or already live there – they don’t need to be wealthy, but they need to be stable and self-supporting (this is the focus of my major hypersigil work I’ve discussed a little on Studio Arcanis, I’m just not at liberty to talk much about it yet)

Note that I said in no particular order. That’s because the order of fulfillment is not important.

I realize I’m coming up against a major cultural bias here that most of us have. Think about how we do our life planning: “I must own a house and THEN get married,” et cetera. A lot of people don’t get serious about a relationship until their careers are established. A lot of young people buy a car and THEN move out.

In my case, none of the items are conditional upon any of the other items, and allowing them to be fulfilled in any particular order, gives the magick more possible ways in which to work. It also helps me keep my mind open in terms of how it is supposed to “look” when my magick works.

For example, with no conditionality being assumed and no particular order being important, these are the ways in which my goals could be fulfilled:

  • I get a contract here, save money, get a job in LA, move in with my roommates, get financial situation stabilized, meet love partner there, go to school
  • I get an offer of a full time job in LA, borrow money to move, move in with my roommates, get financial situation stabilized, meet love partner there, go to school
  • I transfer  to a school in Los Angeles and borrow money, I move in with my roommates, I meet love partner in LA
  • Meet partner here, we move to LA together, I work there and/or go to school there
  • Meet love partner who lives in Los Angeles, I move in with them, I get work there, or start school there
  • Meet love partner and move to LA in whatever order, we work together on some kind of lucrative project

(Some of you may ask why I haven’t asked for a love partner who already lives in LA and who will outright support me so that I don’t have to work. I actually manifested something like this once, briefly, and was not happy with it; the conditions that go with that are often not great. That is not what I actually want, unless I’m staying home because I’m running my business out of the house – in which case, I’d like to get myself a studio/office, instead of being home all day. What I want is to be with someone who supports me in becoming the best person I can become, including achieving my career and personal goals, and be in the relationship where I will be the most personally successful, and my partner will be, as well  – whatever that looks like.)

While I’ve added a few major stipulations (I specifically want to move to Los Angeles, and my partner must want to move to Los Angeles, or already live there; I also have a list of things I’d like my partner to be, such as financially stable and emotionally intelligent, with a consistent/reliable temperament), there are any number of ways in which all of these goals could be fulfilled.

The way in which I’m “conventionally” working this set of goals happens to fall into line with the first and second scenarios (I’ve already made arrangements to stay with my friends in LA; plus I’m preparing my resume and portfolio for the job market, and working with an excellent employment counselor, as well as recruiters), there are still a fairly large number of ways in which all of these goals could be fulfilled.

It’s also important that I pay attention to subconscious signals.

For example, I meditated on this very topic during my morning meditation. After I fell back to sleep, I had a dream.

I dreamt that I got offered a job at a tech company in Santa Monica. I didn’t even have to interview extensively, as the job came via my connections. The job was completely within my skillset range (I was doing some kind of user-side or black box QA on mobile app UIs – some coding required, but even less than I know).

It paid a bit lower than market rate as indicated in my dream, but I took it, as even so, it was a decent wage (it would be a top wage in most of the US, just not in a major city), especially relative to other work I’ve done. I’m certainly willing to settle for what was offered.

Here’s the thing: when I woke up, I found myself going over the scenario of what I would do if I received that offer. As I thought about the offer, I realized that it was exactly something that might happen IRL. The pay is just below the bottom range of what that type of job would pay, but as someone with experience and only an AA, I might be a “bargain” compared to some other candidates. There are a number of tech companies in the Santa Monica area, and more moving in. Many companies are moving their operations to Southern California. I might actually get a job the way I did in the dream, because it’s how I’ve gotten a few of the tech jobs I had. The job title, while specific to the dream, is one that might actually exist. While the pay is below market, I would find it acceptable; if I live with a roommate, I would be able to buy a new car via financing, and pay off my existing student loan, and also put seed money into my graphics business. Plus, I could trade up for a better paying job once I’ve got more of a track record with that work.

The point of all of this isn’t to think aloud. It’s that every scenario presented by the dream, was a realistic scenario that might happen in real life. Many situations in the dream are things that HAVE happened in real life. It was an intuitive “nudge” in terms of what to look for. The dream also made me think about the things I might do, and how they would fit in with a reasonable “five year plan.”



One of my meditation routines: early morning (for lucid dreaming, astral projection, etc)

Today, I woke up at close to 5-6am in order to do my morning meditation. This is my usual routine (which will probably change once I’m working). I prefer it to be dark when I do this work.

I have to actually make sure I’m up and walking around a little, or I’ll just fall asleep immediately after laying down or sitting down for my meditation.

It usually involves getting up, using the bathroom, getting a cup of tea or something from downstairs, often having a very small snack (such as a piece of cheese or handful of nuts – just enough to raise my blood sugar for the rest of the morning) and a cup of bulletproof coffee, which is a techie-culture/hipster trend that I’m kind of hooked on (though I don’t buy all the specialized oils and coffees; no need, really). There is a specific reason I use bulletproof coffee for this, and not just a normal cup of coffee, but a caffeinated beverage with heavy cream or a fatty snack will accomplish the same thing (I admire the entrepreneurial spirit that the bulletproof guys have, really I do, but seriously, the thing is just having fat and some protein there to stabilize your blood sugar until breakfast, and delay release of the caffeine).

It’s important that I’ve actually gotten up and walked around; got to get the blood flowing to do this. You need to actually be awake when you sit down again. A little bit of chi gong/t’ai chi, or just a few minutes of easy exercise, would do the trick. I live in a large house with stairs, and the movement involved in getting my snack and my coffee from the kitchen, is sufficient.

I may also vaporize my medical marijuana at about this time. (In fact, I developed this routine because of the routines involved with my cannabis consumption; a normal way I “medicate” is to wake up very early to do it, and then I go back to bed. Then I get up at a fairly normal hour. It allows the weed a chance to treat the physical symptoms that I take it for, while maximizing my amount of sober hours in the day.)

Keep in mind that when I am doing this, I have gotten about 5 hours of sleep. I still intend to get my normal amount of sleep. I set my alarm for when I need to be up, if I fall asleep again.


Then I turn off the light and sit or lay down on my bed again. Then I select a meditation method of my choice and use it.

Sometimes I just talk to my HGA, or various interior archetypes (such as the Primordial Child). Sometimes  I do work involving both the HGA and Primordial Child during this time; Steven Barnes’ Ancient Child technique is an excellent approach that draws from many of the same influences/sources that I draw from. Sometimes I just lay down and listen to whatever shows up.

Much of the information I get will be during the “in between wakefulness and sleep” state.

Most of my successful lucid dream work and astral projection work in recent times, has been while using this method.


Watch This Space

I’ll be putting in my field notes from the book I’m writing (working title: “The Path of Love”; it’s not fundamentally different in scope from other mystically based “find your soulmate” type books, e.g., Arielle Ford/Katherine Woodward Thomas/Kathryn Alice, but it’s based in occult studies and my Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis based magickal system, and is less new age in flavor). You’ll probably get most of the material here, but it will be in a more coherent form in the book. I am working through the steps in the book as I write it, and will be using myself as the guinea pig. The point of the book though is that it’s not merely about finding a partner, it’s based in the idea that the quest for an “other” is for many people the very root of their spiritual path.
I’ll also be putting in my field notes/experiments from working with Geoff Cobb-Grey’s New Avatar Power and experiences with other systems as well.And probably also occasional magickal/mystical artwork/drawings.