Watch This Space

I’ll be putting in my field notes from the book I’m writing (working title: “The Path of Love”; it’s not fundamentally different in scope from other mystically based “find your soulmate” type books, e.g., Arielle Ford/Katherine Woodward Thomas/Kathryn Alice, but it’s based in occult studies and my Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis based magickal system, and is less new age in flavor). You’ll probably get most of the material here, but it will be in a more coherent form in the book. I am working through the steps in the book as I write it, and will be using myself as the guinea pig. The point of the book though is that it’s not merely about finding a partner, it’s based in the idea that the quest for an “other” is for many people the very root of their spiritual path.
I’ll also be putting in my field notes/experiments from working with Geoff Cobb-Grey’s New Avatar Power and experiences with other systems as well.And probably also occasional magickal/mystical artwork/drawings.

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