Early morning meditation, part II: the dream I had last night

I’ve talked quite a bit on Studio Arcanis about a larger work involving some goals I have.

For reference, I’m a 42 year old divorcee who has been through two career changes and a period of illness, and in recent years, moved back in with my parents in order to recover my health and make some decent headway toward a college degree. I’ve since recovered enough of my health to go back to work full time, and I completed an Associate’s Degree and most of my transfer requirements. Now, I have some other goals I’m going to work on, including moving out on my own again.

These goals are, in no particular order:

    • Relocate to Los Angeles (this is a plan more than a goal, as I’ve already lined up roommate arrangements and some work contacts.)
    • Get an income (possible ways: short term would be getting a job, long term – my business takes off)
    • Begin selling my art
    • Finish my degree and Master’s (reason: transition into a more age-resistant career for reasons of future security; my field is notoriously ageist, and while I could still get work in it, that may not last – meaning that if there were another way besides a professional program and traditional employment that I could assure my future security, I would be open minded to that)
    • Find a life partner – condition, they either want to live in LA or already live there – they don’t need to be wealthy, but they need to be stable and self-supporting (this is the focus of my major hypersigil work I’ve discussed a little on Studio Arcanis, I’m just not at liberty to talk much about it yet)

Note that I said in no particular order. That’s because the order of fulfillment is not important.

I realize I’m coming up against a major cultural bias here that most of us have. Think about how we do our life planning: “I must own a house and THEN get married,” et cetera. A lot of people don’t get serious about a relationship until their careers are established. A lot of young people buy a car and THEN move out.

In my case, none of the items are conditional upon any of the other items, and allowing them to be fulfilled in any particular order, gives the magick more possible ways in which to work. It also helps me keep my mind open in terms of how it is supposed to “look” when my magick works.

For example, with no conditionality being assumed and no particular order being important, these are the ways in which my goals could be fulfilled:

  • I get a contract here, save money, get a job in LA, move in with my roommates, get financial situation stabilized, meet love partner there, go to school
  • I get an offer of a full time job in LA, borrow money to move, move in with my roommates, get financial situation stabilized, meet love partner there, go to school
  • I transfer  to a school in Los Angeles and borrow money, I move in with my roommates, I meet love partner in LA
  • Meet partner here, we move to LA together, I work there and/or go to school there
  • Meet love partner who lives in Los Angeles, I move in with them, I get work there, or start school there
  • Meet love partner and move to LA in whatever order, we work together on some kind of lucrative project

(Some of you may ask why I haven’t asked for a love partner who already lives in LA and who will outright support me so that I don’t have to work. I actually manifested something like this once, briefly, and was not happy with it; the conditions that go with that are often not great. That is not what I actually want, unless I’m staying home because I’m running my business out of the house – in which case, I’d like to get myself a studio/office, instead of being home all day. What I want is to be with someone who supports me in becoming the best person I can become, including achieving my career and personal goals, and be in the relationship where I will be the most personally successful, and my partner will be, as well  – whatever that looks like.)

While I’ve added a few major stipulations (I specifically want to move to Los Angeles, and my partner must want to move to Los Angeles, or already live there; I also have a list of things I’d like my partner to be, such as financially stable and emotionally intelligent, with a consistent/reliable temperament), there are any number of ways in which all of these goals could be fulfilled.

The way in which I’m “conventionally” working this set of goals happens to fall into line with the first and second scenarios (I’ve already made arrangements to stay with my friends in LA; plus I’m preparing my resume and portfolio for the job market, and working with an excellent employment counselor, as well as recruiters), there are still a fairly large number of ways in which all of these goals could be fulfilled.

It’s also important that I pay attention to subconscious signals.

For example, I meditated on this very topic during my morning meditation. After I fell back to sleep, I had a dream.

I dreamt that I got offered a job at a tech company in Santa Monica. I didn’t even have to interview extensively, as the job came via my connections. The job was completely within my skillset range (I was doing some kind of user-side or black box QA on mobile app UIs – some coding required, but even less than I know).

It paid a bit lower than market rate as indicated in my dream, but I took it, as even so, it was a decent wage (it would be a top wage in most of the US, just not in a major city), especially relative to other work I’ve done. I’m certainly willing to settle for what was offered.

Here’s the thing: when I woke up, I found myself going over the scenario of what I would do if I received that offer. As I thought about the offer, I realized that it was exactly something that might happen IRL. The pay is just below the bottom range of what that type of job would pay, but as someone with experience and only an AA, I might be a “bargain” compared to some other candidates. There are a number of tech companies in the Santa Monica area, and more moving in. Many companies are moving their operations to Southern California. I might actually get a job the way I did in the dream, because it’s how I’ve gotten a few of the tech jobs I had. The job title, while specific to the dream, is one that might actually exist. While the pay is below market, I would find it acceptable; if I live with a roommate, I would be able to buy a new car via financing, and pay off my existing student loan, and also put seed money into my graphics business. Plus, I could trade up for a better paying job once I’ve got more of a track record with that work.

The point of all of this isn’t to think aloud. It’s that every scenario presented by the dream, was a realistic scenario that might happen in real life. Many situations in the dream are things that HAVE happened in real life. It was an intuitive “nudge” in terms of what to look for. The dream also made me think about the things I might do, and how they would fit in with a reasonable “five year plan.”



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