One of my meditation routines: early morning (for lucid dreaming, astral projection, etc)

Today, I woke up at close to 5-6am in order to do my morning meditation. This is my usual routine (which will probably change once I’m working). I prefer it to be dark when I do this work.

I have to actually make sure I’m up and walking around a little, or I’ll just fall asleep immediately after laying down or sitting down for my meditation.

It usually involves getting up, using the bathroom, getting a cup of tea or something from downstairs, often having a very small snack (such as a piece of cheese or handful of nuts – just enough to raise my blood sugar for the rest of the morning) and a cup of bulletproof coffee, which is a techie-culture/hipster trend that I’m kind of hooked on (though I don’t buy all the specialized oils and coffees; no need, really). There is a specific reason I use bulletproof coffee for this, and not just a normal cup of coffee, but a caffeinated beverage with heavy cream or a fatty snack will accomplish the same thing (I admire the entrepreneurial spirit that the bulletproof guys have, really I do, but seriously, the thing is just having fat and some protein there to stabilize your blood sugar until breakfast, and delay release of the caffeine).

It’s important that I’ve actually gotten up and walked around; got to get the blood flowing to do this. You need to actually be awake when you sit down again. A little bit of chi gong/t’ai chi, or just a few minutes of easy exercise, would do the trick. I live in a large house with stairs, and the movement involved in getting my snack and my coffee from the kitchen, is sufficient.

I may also vaporize my medical marijuana at about this time. (In fact, I developed this routine because of the routines involved with my cannabis consumption; a normal way I “medicate” is to wake up very early to do it, and then I go back to bed. Then I get up at a fairly normal hour. It allows the weed a chance to treat the physical symptoms that I take it for, while maximizing my amount of sober hours in the day.)

Keep in mind that when I am doing this, I have gotten about 5 hours of sleep. I still intend to get my normal amount of sleep. I set my alarm for when I need to be up, if I fall asleep again.


Then I turn off the light and sit or lay down on my bed again. Then I select a meditation method of my choice and use it.

Sometimes I just talk to my HGA, or various interior archetypes (such as the Primordial Child). Sometimes  I do work involving both the HGA and Primordial Child during this time; Steven Barnes’ Ancient Child technique is an excellent approach that draws from many of the same influences/sources that I draw from. Sometimes I just lay down and listen to whatever shows up.

Much of the information I get will be during the “in between wakefulness and sleep” state.

Most of my successful lucid dream work and astral projection work in recent times, has been while using this method.


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