Three Worlds Magick: A Cosmology

the map is not the destination. 

The point isn’t to replace Kabbalah or any other system you use; it’s just another way of conceptualizing yourself as well as the relationship between yourself and your exterior world.

Three Centers of Energy.

Mind, Heart, Sex.

Three Minds.

The Experiencer, the Filter, the Watcher.

Three Souls.

The Ancient, the Talker, the Child.

Three Worlds of Creation.

The Celestial, the Visceral (including the Shadow Visceral), the Primordial.

There are other constructs within this system that follow the Rule of 3s. The Rule of 3s makes the system easy to memorize, and these are the basics.

While parts of the system will be familiar (the Three Souls construct should be familiar to those of you who have worked with Huna or with Feri Tradition), much is just stuff I’ve come up with by feeling my way around this universe with Three Worlds Magick, and doing journeys within it.

Some meshes with systems you’re already familiar with. I find that some Golden Dawn based work slots nicely into the “Celestial” side of things, while shamanic techniques work well with exploring the “Primordial” side of things. “Low magick” techniques tend to (within this system) work within the “Visceral” plane – the world you and I live in.

Some will be unfamiliar as well. This is a homebrew/Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis based system. It has its own energetic current. It is not a wild current: it is heavily grounded in the experience of the human body and in day-to-day experience. You should feel more centered and balanced working with it.

More to come.

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